Unplanned, timely post for International Women’s Day 2016.  When it comes to human performance and talent, there are often a gap between what is perceived and reality. During my training in the philosophy and methods of skill development, Dr. Kevin Roessger shared the story of Mr. Molesley and the cricket match (pictured left; source) in Downton Abbey’s season 3, episode…

The Science of Sleep

Unknowingly, serendipitously timed for National Sleep Awareness Week, March 6-13 (which I literally learned about in publishing this post today, and coming across Dr. Darley’s Twitter).  Two weeks ago, I attended an hour-long workshop exclusively on the topic of “Sleep Health,” hosted by Naturopathic Sleep Medicine Specialist, Dr. Catherine Darley, as a human resource development resource at my workplace from Wellspring EAP….